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Works with most book sizes
Works with Most Popular Book Sizes

The BookGem is designed to hold almost any small to medium size book, hardback or paperback.

Whether you read for pleasure, for school, or for work, chances are the BookGem can let you read hands-free. 

You'll probably want more than one . . .
Shown above are just a few different sizes of books. From top center going clockwise:
  • A cookbook - shown is a hardbound "The Joy Of Cooking"
  • A textbook - this is a college physics textbook of over 1000 pages
  • A paperback - this typical "bestseller" sized book is about 600 pages long
  • A repair manual - this is an automobile repair book
Please note: The textbook shown above is about the upper limit as far as book size. As the BookGem is a small pocket book holder, it is not really intended for the largest textbooks, dictionaries, etc.

There are actually hundreds of different variations of book sizes, cover thicknesses, etc. Though the BookGem is extremely capable, it is still a compact, pocket book holder, and may not work perfectly with every conceivable book.

The BookGem will hold extremely broad books, magazines, catalogs, sheet music, etc. with the addition of a clipboard or stiff panel such as cardboard inserted behind the reading material - see the page on Magazines for ideas.

We intend to introduce a larger model of BookGem to hold larger books more securely, depending on customer response.

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