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Read In Bed - Comfortably!

     Is it just a dream? To read in bed without getting a stiff neck and aching wrists?

Relax You Reading!

Places Where People Love to Curl Up With a Good BookGem

(that one was easy)

sleeping bags

beach blankets

chaise longes

deck chairs


okay there really aren't too many variations on beds unless you start listing things like 
king size beds
quen size beds
double beds
twin beds
bunk beds
murphy beds
feather beds
water beds
heart-shaped beds
trundle beds
sofa beds
air mattresses

but that would be silly

Get Yours Now!

The World's Best Little Book HolderTM

With the BookGem clipped to the top of the book, you can use a pillow to read comfortably while lying on your side. You'll be surprised at how easy it is - and how truly luxurious reading in bed can be - finally!

Fold the lower leg back in, and rest the upper leg on the pillow
Just fold in one of the rear support legs and rest the other one on a pillow. 

If you get tired of reading on one side, just turn over and use the other support leg.

The BookGem holds your book at almost any angleThe book will rest easily at various angles, from perfectly sideways to horizontal and about anywhere in between. A small throw pillow works well. A thicker pillow will allow the book to stand more upright.

Use a thicker pillow for a more upright angle

Set the pillow and BookGem on the bed next to you, or rest them on your night stand. So simple, yet such a revelation!

Or, sit upright against your headboard and rest the BookGem on your lap. Use a pillow to elevate it to the best position. Whatever you find most comfortable - the book stays open, the pages turn easily.

You'll find that you can read comfortably for hours. The only problem might be, it's so comfortable, you may fall asleep! 

Reading in bed the old way: 
The bad old days
- you can put your hands down now!

Many BookGem users are surprised at first to fall asleep while reading, then wake up later to find the book still staring them in the face - still open, waiting to be read some more!

Say it with us this time:

Why didn't someone 
           think of this before!

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