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Works with Magazines Too!

Leave your book in place - just slide a magazine into the special page slots. 

Your hands are finally free!



A Breakthrough in Reading Technology!

Magazines that are officially approved for use with the BookGem

news magazines

cooking magazines

gossip magazines

car magazines

comic books

science magazines

poetry journals

fashion magazines

music magazines

sheet music

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The World's Best Little Book HolderTM

Specially designed page slotspage slots
There's no need to remove your favorite book to use the BookGem as a desk holder for magazines and loose sheets of paper. The page clips have special slots behind the finger tabs that do double duty as extra page holders.

Some guidelines:

  • If the magazine is thick and heavy, go ahead slide some or all of it's pages all the way behind the rubber-tipped page clips for extra holding power.
  • A magazine or single sheet of paper is not stiff enough to use in the BookGem on its own. You will need a book or something rigid behind it for support. 
  • As an alternative, a stiff piece of cardboard held in place with the page clips, in place of a book, can be used to support the magazine or paper.
  • Will only hold magazines and loose sheets from the bottom. (Unlike books which can be held from the top as well.) 

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