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Read Hands-Free at a Table or Desk!

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A Breakthrough in Reading Technology!

Horizontal Surfaces Where People Love the BookGem


kitchen tables

airplane seat trays

library tables

computer stations

coffee tables

dining tables

workshop benches

kitchen counters

store displays

tv dinner trays

night stands

restaurant tables

hospital tray tables

breakfast in bed trays

lunch counters

picnic tables

mechanic's benches

on the counter next to the cash register on a really slow day

wooden planks castaways set up for a table on deserted islands

those expensive wooden things on rollers that other companies sell as "reading tables"

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The World's Best Little Book HolderTM

No more holding the pages down with your elbow, or fumbling for a book mark while you try to write or sip your drink. Whatever you might like to do while sitting at your desk, reading table, or dining table, you can now do in freedom. 

You'll be amazed 
how much less tiring
reading can be.

Students will find that they can get their class reading done faster, and take notes more easily. Reading for work is less of a chore. Reading for pleasure has never been more pleasurable!

reference books, software manuals, quote sources . . .

A computer work station is just one of the places you'll love a BookGem. Reference books and software manuals can now be kept at an ideal angle - stop bending over your desk. Typing, book reports, quoting from sources, doing software tutorials, following recipes out of cookbooks - the BookGem makes it all easier.

A Better Cookbook Holder

Unlike most available cookbook holders, the BookGem does not encase the book behind a large piece of clear plastic where is difficult to turn the pages. The BookGem is meant for easy page turning, so unlike those other cookbook holders, you can use it for all your other reading as well. 

Many people just like to have their current reading sitting in the BookGem, ready for them whenever they have a spare moment. It's amazing what a magnet an open book can be - it's hard not to read anything that stays open effortlessly in front of you.

Stop Reading Cereal Boxes!
Have you ever noticed the mysterious draw of the cereal box? Get up in the morning, have some cereal - then read the box over and over again. You can hardly take your eyes off it. Why? Because it's standing right there in front of your face. 

Try applying this principle to your advantage - use a BookGem to hold up some reading you actually find interesting! You'll probably be able find something more worthwhile than the fact that a serving of Syrup Crusted Fiber Pops has 25% of the Daily Value of niacin.


And of course, if and when you finally do get tired of reading at your desk, take the BookGem with you and lie down - it goes straight from the table top to the bed or the couch for the most comfortable reading you've ever done lying down!


When you have a lot
of reading to do, 
you need a BookGem.

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